Kalika Power Company is issuing Initial Public Offering (IPO) of 6,00,000 unit offers of worth Rs 6 crore for local people of venture influenced territory of Gorkha District (2.40 lakh for local people of the most influenced region while staying 3.60 lakh for others) from today (Magh 21, 2074).

The most influenced territories have been recorded as: Muchowk VDC, Sorpani, Takumajh Lakuribot, Masel, Srinathkot, Taple, Nareshwor and Gorkha district ward no4, 5 and 13. Ajirkot VDC ward no 4, 5 and 6, Bhimsen VDC ward no 1, Siranchowk VDC ward no 7 and Gorkha region ward no 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. Local people shape these regions can apply for 2.40 lakh unit shares and the remaing individuals of Gorkha region can apply for the staying 3.60 lakh unit shares.

The issue will close on Falgun 6, 2074. The most extreme shutting date has been determined to Falgun 21, 2074.

Intrigued individuals can apply for at least 10 units of offers and greatest number of 3,000 units of offers.

Kathmandu Capital Market and Global IME Capital have been allocated as the joint issue supervisors for issuing IPO.

ICRA has appraised Grade 4 rating to the IPO, which demonstrates beneath normal basics.

The approved capital of the organization is Rs 60 crore and it is set to issue 10% for local people of Gorkha District. After the issuance of 6 lakh units of IPO to local people of task influenced region, it will be issuing 12 lakh unit IPO offers to the overall population at Rs 100 for each unit worth Rs 12 crore.

Kalika Power has been working 6MW Daraudi ‘A’ little hydropower situated at Gorkha region.

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