Chief Insurance Company Limited (PIC) is shutting 6,59,565 units shares worth Rs 52.69 crore as a feature of its Further Public Offering (FPO) today (Poush 19, 2074). The FPO will be issued at Rs 799 for every unit (Rs 699 premium added to the standard estimation of Rs 100).

The FPO applications was open from Poush 16, 2074. The most extreme shutting date for the offer is Magh 15, 2074.

Intrigued individuals must apply for at least 10 units of offers and they can apply for up to 3,290 units shares.

NMB Capital Limited is the issue director for the FPO.

Intrigued candidates can gather ASBA shapes from all ASBA-endorsed banks around Nepal as Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON) has made ASBA application required from Shrawan 2074.

Head Insurance has a paid up capital of Rs 44.85. Its promoter-open shareholding proportion remains at 60:40. The organization is drifting FPO offers to make its promoter-open possessions at 51:49. Its paid up will achieve Rs 51.44 crore after FPO shares. To meet the capital necessity of Rs 1 arba according to Insurance Board till Ashad 2075, it should additionally climb its capital by Rs 48.56 crore (94.40%).

It had earned Rs 2.12 crore in the main quarter of the FY 2074/75.

Its LTP remains at Rs 1,450 starting last exchanging day.

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