Today is the latest day to secure 15% profit of Tinau Development Bank Limited (TNBL).

The executive meeting of the improvement bank hung on Bhadra 30, 2074 had proposed 10% reward and 5% money profits to its investors from the net benefit of FY 2073/74.

Just those investors owning shares till Mangsir 19, 2074 are qualified for the profit of the organization. The enlist of their investors will close from Mangsir 20, 2074 to Poush 8, 2074 with the end goal of its up and coming AGM.

After the issuance of 10% extra offers, its paid up capital will reach to Rs 50.68 crore from existing Rs 46.08 crore.

It will gather its eleventh Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Poush 8, 2074. The AGM will be held at Club Denovo Pvt. Ltd, Kalikanagar, Butwal at 9:00 AM.

TNBL has earned Rs 1.56 crore in the main quarter of the FY 2074/75.

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