Exceed expectations Developement Bank Limited (EDBL) is directing its twelfth Annual General Meeting (AGM) today (Mangsir 17, 2074). The AGM is being held at Hotel Holiday Home, Birtamode, Jhapa at 11:00 AM. The fundamental plans of the AGM are:

To underwrite 30.12% extra offers and 1.58% money profit (for assess) from the net benefit of FY 2073/74.

To increment issued and paid up capital.

To underwrite choice for merger and acquisitions.

To change the Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA).

Different motivation of the AGM are major monetary features of FY 2073/74 and arrangement of inspector for the FY 2074/75.

The book conclusion date for the AGM was set from Mangsir 5, 2074 to Mangsir 17, 2074. In this manner just those investors owning shares till Mangsir 4, 2074, i.e. one day in front of the book conclusion date are qualified to take an interest in the AGM and proposed extra offers.

After 30.12% extra, its paid up capital will reach to Rs 69.26 crore.It had earned Rs 3.15 crore in the principal quarter of FY 2074/75.

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