Three new eco-tourism trails have been identified in Shuklaphanta National Park. The Park identified the trails with an objective of promoting eco-tourism.
Piparaiya-Barkaula, Malumela-Ranitaal and Arjuni-Badanikheda are the newly identified eco-tourism routes.
All the three trails are 37.69 kilometres long, said Chief Conservation Officer of the Park, Bed Kumar Dhakal.
He said that income generation of locals of buffer zone would be increased along with the promotion of eco-tourism through the newly-identified trails.
Tourists using the trails could see different animals including tiger, leopard and rhino, as well as the largest grass land of the protected area and lakes.
The eco-tourism trails were identified based on the study carried out by Shukpaphanta Conservation Programme of the National Trust for Nature Conservation and Zoological Society of London. RSS

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